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Wine cellars are our specialty and expertise  


Being intimately related to the wine industry and having focused solely on wine cabinets for almost two decades, VINTEC Australia is well positioned to meet the needs of wine connoisseurs as well as the expectations of lifestyle seeking customers.

The secret is in the design: Vintec and Transtherm cabinets recreate the ideal storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars. They protect the life of your wines and allow them to mature slowly by eliminating temperature variations and maintaining humidity levels above 50 per cent, so corks don’t dry and allow oxidisation. Similarly, the doors are made with a specially treated tinted glass to prevent UV light penetrating the bottles and damaging the wine.
Our pledge is to only ever recommend the best and safest products for your wine before anything else. For instance, all our wine cellars have dark interiors and dim lighting, never fancy bright lights and white interiors. Why? Because it’s important to keep your wine in a dark storage area.
VINTEC is Australia’s leader supplier of wine storage cabinets. A small but versatile company, we keep in close touch with our consumers and are proud of responding quickly and efficiently to their needs.