Vintec and Transtherm Wine Cabinets have been designed to replicate the temperature, humidity, darkness and vibration-proof conditions found in the best natural underground cellars. They allow wines to mature slowly so that the different elements which make up wine can coalesce into a complex balance — for your drinking pleasure!


Image 1Temperature Control System


Constant temperature is critical for the maturation of wines; daily or weekly temperature fluctuations denature wines and create “spoiled fruit” flavours. 


Vintec and Transtherm Wine Cabinets maintain stable temperatures thanks to: 1) interaction between a compressor and a thermostat, 2) insulated side panels, 3) triple-glazed doors.





Image 5Anti-Vibration System


Imperceptible vibrations can spoil wine as they cause it to age prematurely. 


To protect the quality of your wine, Vintec and Transtherm Wine Cabinets create a vibration-proof environment by including the following: 1) an externally-housed compressor, 2) rubber shock absorbers, 3) vibration absorbing wooden shelves.





Image 4Protection from Light


All light is damaging to wine, but UV light in particular, as it creates hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine and affects the tannins and the colour of wine. 


Vintec and Transtherm Wine Cabinets eliminate this threat by incorporating: 1) UV-treated tinted glass doors, 2) dark interiors, 3) dimmed LED lights.



Image 3Humidity Control


Too little humidity means corks will dry out and shrink, subjecting wine to oxidization.


Vintec and Transtherm Wine Cabinets incorporate a Thermal Pump System that ensures adequate humidity levels are maintained (55% or greater). The Thermal Pump works by heating condensed water, which is then introduced as humid air within the cabinet.








Image 2Frequent Air Circulation


Without constant air circulation, mould will grow on the corks and the labels, and the air inside the wine cabinet will become stale. 


Vintec Wine Cabinets include internal and external fans to ensure that there is a slow reticulated air flow throughout the cabinet. The larger Vintec models also include a carbon filter to limit any odours penetrating the cabinet.

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