"King of Cellars"

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“A Climate-Controlled Walk-in Cellar which can be built-in to your home, or even better, into your kitchen.”

The ESPACE range is designed for serious collectors who do not have access to an underground cellar and who are reminiscent of the special and unique feeling which is to walk into one’s treasured cellar. The ESPACE range has the added benefit of storing your wines close and at hand, ready to serve (on the contrary of a dusty underground cellar).

Key insights:

  • The ESPACE provides the perfect storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars, to correctly age and store wine for long periods of time. Your wines will always be served at their best.
  • The ESPACE Walk-In Cellars have been hand-made in France for over 20 years and are built with robust Aluminium-backed polystyrene insulated panels. The cellar is delivered in a kit and assembled in less than half a day with just a screwdriver… and it can be easily disassembled if you relocate.
  • The cellar can be fully built-in behind a wall (except for the climate-conditioning unit), or it can be free standing in a garage or basement.

State-of-the-art technology:  quiet, energy efficient and has long life expectancy in order to age wines, but most of all essential for any wine lover because it is designed to recreate the perfect conditions for cellaring:

  • Eliminates daily and weekly temperature fluctuations which denature your wines by creating “spoiled fruit” flavours.
  • Maintains humidity levels above 60% so corks don’t dry out and shrink, allowing damaging air into the wine (causing oxidation and off-odours).
  • Protect bottles from light with specially treated tinted glass doors and dark interiors (UV light “cooks” your wine and causes hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine)

Key Features:

  • Provides ideal and stable temperature (both heating and cooling functions).
  • Bottle Capacities (Standard Bordeaux Bottle): 600 – 4140 bottles (5 models)
  • Supplied complete with a climate-conditioning unit designed specifically for cellars
  • Delivered with 23, 47, 71, 95 wooden shelves according to the size. (Additional shelves available).Glass door.
  • Anti shock rug to limit breakages

  • Electronic temperature control and display: temperature range from 8º to 14º C
  • Lock and LED Lighting

  • 2 year warranty, supported by a dedicated after-sales team  based in Darlinghurst, Sydney

Available Models and Dimensions (WxHxD):

2050 H x 1270 W x 1170mm D        

2050 H x 1870 W x 1170mm D

2050 H x 1870 W x 2230mm D        

2050 H x 1870 W x 3290mm D

2050 H x 1870 W x 4350mm D

  • The unit is set up with racks on both sides forming an aisle with room to slide racks out.
  • The racks supplied come in two forms. For easy access, racks are supplied with rollers that help glide out smoothly. For storage the racks can hold up to 44 bottles and can lock in place.  

ENQUIRIES: For more info or to view full range, please visit vintec.com.au or visit our showroom in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Toll Free: 1800 666 778  

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