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Short Description of the “Wine Gallery” cellar

The Vintec Professional Wine Gallery is the most artful of wine cellars, crafted to showcase beautiful wine lists in fine dining restaurants and beautiful wine collections in private homes. It’s a climate-controlled wine cellar, which offers proper storage conditions for up to 288 wine bottles in a seductive and eye-catching display. In addition to impeccable aesthetics, the Vintec Wine Gallery is the most versatile and convenient wine storage solution for sommeliers, making it the perfect choice for wine service in restaurants and wine bars alike:


  • 288 Bottle Capacity per 2-door module (standard 750mL Bordeaux bottles)
  • Heated Glass Doors to prevent condensation (glass windows on sides also heated)
  • LED lighting with Dimmer Control to adjust lighting to atmosphere
  • Unique “Universal Shelving” which can be used for storage (flat), display (tilted) or easy serving (standing)
  • Fully customisable (dimensions, trim finish, locking system, rear access doors)


Main Attributes

264 bottles (flat storage), 288 (tilted storage)

Single Zone for Storage (set 12-14°) or Service (set 6° for Whites, or 16° for Reds)

Full Glass and Mirror Stainless Steel trim

Main Benefits:   

  • An impeccable display for wine which will become a design highlight in the venue
  • Creates desirability and shows patrons that wine is stored in proper conditions

Product Features

  • 1 Temperature Zone
  • Temperature Range: 6-16°
  • Glass Doors at the front (and rear as an option)
  • LED Digital Temperature Controller and Display
  • Versatile racking which can be used for storage or display
  • Mood Lighting: Crystal LED lights with dimmer/colour control
  • Mirror Stainless Steel trim
  • Heated Glass Door to prevent condensation
  • Also available in Matt Black frame and body
  • Can also be fully customised (special order)

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