Which Cabinet is right for me?

To store my wines in the ideal cellaring conditions so they can mature?

To keep my wines ready to serve at the perfect drinking temperatures?

To cellar only white wines or only red wines?

To cellar both red and white wines?

My wine is purely for investment: which wine cabinet will suit me best?

Usage - Cellaring & Serving

At what temperature should I be cellaring my wines?

What should the humidity levels be in my wine cabinet?

Can I cellar my wines in the middle section of a Multi-Zone wine cabinet and use the bottom and the top for keeping my reds and whites at serving temperatures?

Do I need humidity control when cellaring my wines?

How long can I keep my wines in a Multi-Zone wine cabinet?

What is a Multi-Zone cabinet best suited for?

By opening and closing the door of my single-zone wine cabinet am I affecting my wines?

Can my bottles touch the back panel of my wine cabinet?

I have a Dual-Zone wine cabinet. Can I use one compartment for the serving of my white wines and the bottom compartment for cellaring my wines?

Can I use my wine cabinet for beer and food?

Should I rotate my bottles regularly?

If I don't have enough bottles to fill the cabinet, what guideline should I keep in mind?

Technical & Installation

What is the difference between Dual/Multi-Zone cabinets and Single-Zone wine cabinets?

How does the humidity control work?

How does the vibration control work?

Does my cabinet require ventilation and can it be built-in under bench?

Can I stack a unit on top of another one?


My unit is making a lot of noise

My door gasket seems flattened and won't seal properly

There is water coming out of the back of my cabinet.

There is water on the inside back wall of my cabinet

My bottles are wet

I can't open my door

There is a +/- 2 deg temperature swing on the digital readout

There is condensation on the outer surface of the glass door of my wine cabinet

What happens if there is a power outage?